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If you are unhappy with your smile and are looking for a solution, consider a smile makeover from Collins Family Dentistry. This custom procedure is explicitly designed for you by cosmetic dentist Dr. Chris Collins. Just tell Dr. Collins what you’re looking for in your new smile, and he will help you achieve it.

A smile makeover gives you complete control of your smile. You can make crucial decisions to get the smile you want and the dental experience that best suits you. Don’t spend one day longer hiding your smile in public and pictures. Please call (509) 235-8451 or use our online form today to request an appointment with Dr. Collins at Collins Family Dentistry.

Your Smile Makeover Consultation

Your smile makeover begins with a consultation. In the consultation, Dr. Collins will listen to your concerns about your smile and your goals for your new smile. You can bring in pictures to show what you’re looking for in your new smile. After you’ve described what you’re looking for, Dr. Collins may need to examine your teeth if you’re a new patient. Good news: our consultations include a free exam and x-rays if required.

After Dr. Collins completes your exam, he’ll recommend how to achieve your goals. You and Dr. Collins will discuss your options until you devise a plan you’re happy with.

You’re in Control of Your Smile Makeover

Modern cosmetic dentistry gives us many tools to transform your smile. This means there’s usually more than one way to achieve your desired results. Because you have so many options, you can control many aspects of your smile makeover experience. Here are some common decisions people make about their smile makeover.

The Smile of Your Youth or the Smile of Your Dreams

If you were happy with your smile when you were younger, you might want to restore that youthful smile. However, many people have never been happy with their smiles. If that’s how you feel, you can get a smile unlike one you’ve ever had before.

Subtle or Dramatic Changes

Some people want a smile makeover to blend in. They want to eliminate the smile features that give them negative attention. Others want a smile makeover to stand out. You can decide what is best for you. We can make restorations that blend in with your other teeth so that people won’t know you’ve ever had work done on your smile. Other times, you might want a smile that is so beautiful you won’t care if people know you’ve had a smile makeover.

A Quick Smile Makeover

Some cosmetic dentistry procedures can give results in just a few weeks, maybe even in a few hours. Others can take a year or more. Let Dr. Collins know if you need results by a particular time, and he can recommend treatments that will get you results when you need them.

An Affordable Smile Makeover

Some cosmetic dentistry procedures are more expensive than others. If you have a specific budget for your smile makeover, let Dr. Collins know; he will recommend procedures that fit your budget.

This may involve tradeoffs between your results’ speed, quality, and durability. Remember that dental financing is available if you are looking for an affordable smile makeover. This might be the best way to get the results you’re looking for.

Preserve Your Natural Teeth

Some cosmetic dentistry procedures require that we remove some of your natural tooth enamel. If you’re concerned about this, let Dr. Collins know, and he’ll recommend treatments that preserve your natural tooth enamel.

Minimize Time in the Dental Chair and Have Fewer Appointments

Along with preserving their natural teeth, some people want to minimize their time in a dental chair or reduce the number of appointments they must keep. If this is a goal, Dr. Collins can recommend treatments that require less time in the dental chair.

Procedures in Your Smile Makeover

It’s impossible to say precisely what your smile makeover will look like since it’s a custom procedure. However, your smile makeover at Collins Family Dentistry will likely include some of this combination of techniques:

Teeth whitening: This chemical process breaks down and removes stains from your teeth. It is very effective on surface stains from food, drink, and smoking. We utilize Opalescence take-home whitening.

Porcelain veneers: Veneers are thin facades of advanced ceramic that fit on top of your natural teeth. These cover discolored, damaged, or poorly shaped teeth. They can also straighten teeth and close gaps in your smile.

Dental bonding: Dental bonding is a composite material like what we use for composite fillings. This can reshape your teeth, cover them to repair chips and cracks, and close gaps in your smile.

Dental crowns: Dental crowns are sheaths that cover your natural teeth, giving them an entirely new surface. These not only beautify the way veneers do, but they can also repair, protect, and support your natural teeth. We can make full ceramic crowns while you wait.

Fillings: If you have cavities affecting the appearance of your smile, fillings can help you cover them with a tooth-colored restoration. It would be best if you also got rid of old, unsightly metal amalgam restorations. Choose between composite and ceramic fillings.

Orthodontics: Orthodontic procedures like braces or Invisalign move your teeth into a more attractive position. You’ll not just enjoy a beautiful smile but may be happy to find that your teeth function better. Plus, it’ll be easier to clean your teeth to help you avoid oral health problems like gum disease.

Dental implants: Dental implants let you replace one or more teeth with a replacement like your natural teeth. It supports itself and can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Get a Smile Makeover in Cheney

If you’re looking for a new smile, don’t wait or leave Cheney. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Chris Collins is ready to help. Just schedule your free initial consultation today.

Please call (509) 235-8451 or use our online form to request an appointment at Collins Family Dentistry in Cheney.

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