A Great Price for Great Dentistry

Dentistry, like other health care, is a necessity. Everyone should get the dentistry they need for a healthy smile that makes them comfortable. That’s why we work hard to price our dentistry competitively.

We offer our dentistry for a fair price, based on the quality of materials we use and reasonable rates for all our highly trained and experienced dental professionals. If you look at what we provide, you’ll agree that we’re giving you the best value for dentistry in Cheney.

Other dental offices have a different approach, and you might get a quote that looks like it is less for the same service. However, we are happy to look at the quote to help you understand the difference. Often, a quote might include only some of the services you need or use a different restoration (such as porcelain fused to metal rather than all-porcelain crowns).

Dental Insurance Costs More

People get dental insurance because they think it will save them money. However, the opposite is usually true: people with insurance often pay more. When you add up the cost of premiums and compare them to the benefits you get, you typically pay more for dental care if you have insurance.

While this is typical for insurance, dental insurance doesn’t offer the same protections against catastrophic injury that health insurance does. Instead, most dental insurance restricts how much it will pay for your dental care–almost always less than your premiums.

In addition, dental insurance includes numerous restrictions on what it will cover, many of which might need to be clarified for you, even if you ask about a procedure before agreeing to it. We’ve seen many people get told up front by their insurer that a procedure is covered, then have their coverage denied, leaving them in a difficult situation.

All the paperwork and restrictions involved with insurance make it more expensive for us and often make it harder to give people the care they need.

We prefer to deal fairly with all patients directly, making financial arrangements as necessary. This frees everyone to decide about the dentistry they think is right for them.

However, just because we don’t accept insurance doesn’t stop you from filing a claim with your insurance and receiving reimbursement for your care.

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Dental Financing Is Available

Dental financing often makes sense for dental treatments. Dental problems can be progressive. Left untreated, the condition can worsen, requiring more expensive and invasive dental care. Dental financing can save you money by letting you get treatment now.

At Collins Family Dentistry, we work with CareCredit to offer you dental financing. Depending on your credit and the amount you are financing, you might get highly favorable terms, including low monthly payments, zero-interest financing, and more.

Quality, Affordable Dentistry in Cheney

If you are looking for affordable dentistry in Cheney that’s also quality dentistry, consider Collins Family Dentistry. We can work with you to help you get the dentistry you deserve for a price you can afford.

Please call (509) 235-8451 or use our online form to request an appointment at Collins Family Dentistry.