Spokane Family Dentist Explains the Importance of Building Trusting Patient Relationships

Written by Dr. Collins on May 15, 2012

What caused you to end the relationship with your last dentist? Was it because he or she was a poor communicator and caused you to experience fear, guilt and/or discomfort? Perhaps you quit seeing your dentist because you felt that that you were just one more patient taking up their valuable time and that they were insensitive to your concerns.

At our Spokane, Cheney Family Dentist offices we value each and every patient as an individual and believe they deserve to be treated with respect and sensitivity to their needs and concerns. We know that many patients who come to us may have developed a strong fear of dentists and that many are nervous about dental visits. We also understand that our responsibility as caring dental professionals is to assure your optimal oral health and not to lecture you about past poor habits.

Although my team and I have years of experience and extensive training on the latest dental procedures and equipment, there are some very important things that can’t be learned in dental school. Building a trusting relationship with our patients and creating a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in our dental practice is essential to achieving our goal of providing you with quality dental care.

Patients can naturally feel vulnerable as they lie in the dental chair, particularly if they’ve had negative experiences in the past. We strive to maintain a friendly environment in our office, and we manage our schedule carefully to minimize waiting and provide ample time for each valued patient.

Effective communication is a priority. The team at our Spokane Family Dental Office works hard together to ensure that patients understand their options and make certain that all questions are answered before we develop a treatment plan. Please feel free to contact us at (509) 590-0151 to discuss how we can best serve your needs.