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Frenectomy Procedure Information

Our {{{{link id='50754' text='family dentist in Cheney'}}}} provides many dental services to cater to your oral health needs. One of the procedures we specialize in is the frenectomy, a simple yet impactful surgery to resolve lip ties or tongue ties that could affect your speech, eating habits, or oral health. [...]

Effective Preventive Dentistry Guide

The better your preventive oral hygiene plan, the healthier and more attractive your smile will remain as time goes on. With that in mind our Cheney dentists have compiled this information about key priorities and considerations when it comes to building a preventive dental plan. Keep reading to learn more about the goals of [...]

Wisdom Teeth Questions & Answers

Often I see patients at my practice who are unaware that the discomfort they are experiencing is a result of impacted wisdom teeth. Today I’m going to answer some basic questions about wisdom teeth removal in order to give you a better understanding of the types of problems they can cause. When Do Wisdom [...]

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