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    Early Orthodontics in Cheney, WA

    Anxious about invasive, uncomfortable early orthodontic treatment?

    Are you wondering how you can get your child early ortho treatment without the hassle?

    Our dental team provides non-invasive, anxiety-free early ortho!

    Why so many patients in Cheney choose Collins Family Dentistry:

    Comprehensive Children's Dental Care

    Our Cheney office can handle a variety of dental needs, saving you valuable time and money. In our convenient locations your children can easily have their regular dental cleanings and general dentistry taken care of along with early orthodontic treatment.

    Experience with Non-Surgical Treatment

    At Collins Family Dentistry we have over 35 years of experience and we complete over 100 hours of continuing education every year (that's over four times the required minimum!). Our state-of-the-art office utilizes innovative technology to provide comfortable, quality non-surgical early orthodontic treatment.

    Our Team Will Put You at Ease

    Our dental team knows that it's common for children to be scared or anxious in the dentist's chair. That's why our office is designed as a family-friendly, cheerful environment. Our welcoming dental staff puts kids at ease so they can get the orthodontic treatment they need.