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    The practice of family dentistry is similar to general dentistry; both types of dentistry handle oral hygiene and tooth health, but family dentists usually accept patients of all ages, establishing an important ongoing relationship with you and your family.

    Family dentistry provides preventative dentistry services, such as regular cleanings and fluoride treatments, routine x-rays and other basic dental work. The emphasis at Spokane Family Dental Care is prevention. The American Dental Association suggests visits to your family dentist for checkups a minimum of two times a year. During each checkup, you will have a routine oral examination and cleaning to get rid of stains and plaque buildup in order to prevent tooth decay and gum problems. Your dentist will give you tips and recommendations for brushing, flossing and rinsing at home to prevent plaque and tooth decay between appointments.

    Monitoring the oral health of your family from the time they’re babies and into adulthood establishes an ongoing relationship with your Family Dentist.  It is especially important that young children establish a comfortable relationship with a family dentist. At Cheney Family Dentistry we address the special needs of our young patients by creating a comfortable and friendly atmosphere to make your child’s visit as stress-free as possible.

    It is important to schedule regular appointments for checkups, so that your dentist can catch any problems before more extensive and costly dental work becomes necessary. Finding a family dentistry practice with which your whole family is comfortable can take a lot of stress out of making and keeping your regularly scheduled appointments. Your family dentist is trained to keep your teeth healthy by providing preventative care. It’s possible that with routine visits every six months, you may never have to seek additional dental services.
    As a Family Dentist patients at our Spokane and Cheney offices often ask me about the proper frequency of routine office visits for themselves and their family. Today I’d like to share some important information about the importance of regular office visits to ensure the good oral health of you and your family.

    The standard recommended interval for your family’s dental check-ups is every six months. This timing ensures that you receive regular, thorough examinations enabling us to efficiently address problems or potential problems in a timely manner. Scheduling regular, ongoing appointments for exams and cleanings at our Spokane or Cheney Dental Office will help us to ensure that you are following an appropriate routine of at-home oral health care.

    Most importantly it will also give you the peace of mind of knowing that you and your family are receiving individualized care and that your oral health care is being monitored regularly by a family dentist who is familiar with your history. In the event of an emergency you can rest assured that you don’t have to spend valuable time re-establishing your dental history. The importance of regular office visits becomes evident when this routine is not followed and subsequent problems develop, becoming painful, debilitating and costly to correct.

    Another important reason for establishing routine visits is to Introduce your young children to regular dental checkups helping to get them started on a routine of good oral health care and allowing them to become accustomed to the our dental team and office environment. Many adults who did not have the advantage of regular early childhood office visits developed an aversion to dentists and dental treatments, creating greater potential for oral health care problems in the long-term.

    At Spokane and Cheney Family Dentist, your good oral health is of the utmost importance to us. The goal of routine visits will allow you to maintain excellent oral health and ensure bright and beautiful smiles for your whole family!