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    Providing the best care for your smile begins with supporting a strong dental foundation. That’s right, we are talking about your gums! When gum tissue isn’t strong and healthy, your entire smile can suffer as a result. In this short article, our Cheney dentists are giving you some information about health problems related to gum disease, and what you can do to care for your smile.

    What causes gum disease?

    Bacteria! You may already know that harmful oral bacteria cause cavities; well, these same bacteria can infect your oral tissues and lead to periodontal disease.

    Here’s the kicker: oral bacteria are able to use the sugars and refined carbohydrates that we consume as fuel. The more fuel they have, the faster the bacteria are able to multiply and spread throughout your smile. You may develop gum disease because you are consuming more harmful substances than normal, or because your immune system is depleted. Gum disease can also occur as an infection spreads from a tooth to surrounding tissue.

    Do I have gum disease?

    Although gum infections can develop asymptomatically in their earliest stages, you will likely notice some unwanted changes to your oral health as time goes on. Reach out to your dental team if you have:

    • Swollen gum tissue
    • Tender gums
    • Bleeding gum tissue
    • Hard-to-treat bad breath
    • Gum tissue that is pulling away from your teeth (forming gaps that are called periodontal pockets)
    • Teeth that are moving along your gum line or otherwise loose

    No one knows your smile better than you do. So, if your gums look redder than normal, or if they start to bleed every time you floss, it is time to schedule a consultation with your dental team.

    How can I treat gum disease?

    Effective treatment is critical when it comes to gum disease, because untreated infections can spread throughout your mouth, to your teeth, your jawbone, and the connective tissues that secure your teeth.

    When treating gum disease, it is our goal to minimize bacterial activity and growth, while simultaneously promoting your immune system’s ability fight the infection. The treatments that are right for you will depend on how advanced or severe your oral infection is. Our team may recommend that you boost your at-home oral hygiene routine by using specific toothpastes, tools, and mouth rinses. You may also need to complete professional cleanings more frequently than health patients, so that our team can clear away any plaque or tartar that has accumulated.  

    Our Cheney gum disease dentists are here to answer your questions so that you can move forward with treatment confidently.



    Invisalign has only become more popular in recent years, as more and more patients achieve the straight and seamless smiles that they want with this state-of-the-art treatment. Our Cheney dentists have seen firsthand how positive and convenient the Invisalign treatment process is. Today we are going to be reviewing a few of the key benefits of choosing Invisalign over conventional metal braces.


    Usually, the first reason that patients consider Invisalign is because it is so discrete. Living with metal bonded to your teeth for months or even years is far from ideal; Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, are made from clear plastic resin, so they blend right in.


    With conventional braces, those brackets and wires we were just talking about stay bonded to your dental enamel 24/7. Unfortunately, metal brackets tend to become magnets for bacterial plaque production, because it is especially difficult to clean around and inside of the metal components.

    Because Invisalign aligners are removable, you will be able to brush, floss, and use a mouth rinse just as you do now. You’ll even take your aligners out to eat and drink; so they’ll stay fresh and clean. And you never have to worry about getting chewy foods or leafy greens stuck in your braces.

    Predictability & Planning

    Before we even begin the Invisalign treatment process, our team will be able to show you through computer generated imagery, what your smile will look like post-treatment. This powerful technology allows us to make any tweaks to your treatment plan before we design your aligners.

    There is a lot to consider when choosing an esthetic treatment option. As always, our Cheney cosmetic dentists are here to give you information on orthodontic treatment Invisalign in particular, or any other treatments that we provide.