The Cheney Cosmetic Dentist Discusses the Advantages of Dental Implants

Written by Dr. Collins on Apr 25, 2023

Maureen, a new patient to my practice, came in with a problem that was causing her a lot of distress. Years earlier, Maureen lost one of her front teeth.  She always meant to “have it fixed”, and finally came to the Spokane Dentist Office seeking a solution. She confided in me that the reason she avoided treatment was because her parents wore dentures and she remembered their complaints about soreness, irritation, difficulty chewing and a host of other problems.


I discussed with Maureen how allowing a missing tooth to continue without a replacement is not only unattractive, but can slowly change the structure of your mouth. Your jaw will change, affecting your bite and your ability to chew and speak properly. Maureen also talked about her loss of self-confidence because of her appearance.

A Dental Implant is essentially a replacement tooth. It is a small titanium post implanted into the jaw bone and held beneath your gum-line. It replaces the root of your missing tooth. The Spokane, Cheney Dental Office will later attach a crown or other appliance to your dental implant to create your new, fully functioning tooth.
Advantages of Dental Implants include:

  • Aesthetically Pleasing: They look and feel like your natural teeth
  • Functionality:  They feel and function like real teeth. You can eat and chew without pain or irritation.
  • Enjoy Your Favorite Foods: In contrast to the bulky design of dentures, implants can actually allow for the improved enjoyment of textures and flavors of your favorite foods.
  • Maintain Bone Structure: Implants help maintain the bone structure of your jaw, preventing unsightly facial changes.