Cheney Cosmetic Dentist Explains the Sapphire Whitening System

Written by Dr. Collins on Sep 13, 2011

There are many reasons for teeth to become dull and discolored. Age and the use of stain-producing food, drink and tobacco are just a few of the factors that can lead to a less-than-dazzling smile. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry provides many options for whitening your teeth to bring back your radiant smile.

At Spokane, Cheney Dentist we use the Sapphire Teeth Whitening System. This is a bleaching process that is very effective in lightening discolored tooth enamel. One of the benefits of this system is that this is one of the few companies that have incorporated a desensitizing agent into their whitener’s formulation. This feature helps minimize the patient’s potential for post-bleaching sensitivity.

The Sapphire Whitening Process
Treatment begins by protecting the lips and gums, leaving only the teeth exposed. A hydrogen peroxide-based gel is then applied. The Sapphire procedure uses a light bleaching unit that has been designed to filter out infrared emissions. This feature helps to insure that the teeth being treated don’t become over-heated, which is important for your comfort.

The whitener is usually applied to the teeth in two 30-minute applications. Upper and lower teeth are treated at the same time, and the total time including pre- and post-treatment is somewhere around 90 minutes.


At-Home Follow Up
You will be given a Sapphire touch-up kit to take home along with instructions on how the kit should be used. We also advise you to use certain stain-producing foods and beverages in moderation to maintain the whitening effects of the Sapphire treatment.

Is Sapphire Whitening Right for You?

Before deciding whether Sapphire In-Office teeth whitening is right for you, your Cheney Cosmetic Dentist will conduct a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums to ensure your overall oral health and discuss your at-home oral hygiene and lifestyle. This will help you and your dentist agree on the whitening product or technique that’s best for you.