Take Control Of Persistent Gum Disease With Help From Our Cheney Dentists

Written by Dr. Collins on Aug 14, 2018

Oral infections, when left untreated, will wreak havoc on the health and appearance of your smile. When most people think about dental infections, they think about cavities. However, gum disease can be just as, if not more, harmful to your dental health and overall wellbeing.

Our Cheney gum disease dentists offer treatment solutions for patient suffering from periodontal disease. Because we have seen firsthand how powerful and important early detection and treatment can be when treating gum disease, we’ve put together this short list of gum disease red flags:

Red or swollen gum tissue—some of us just naturally have redder or pinker gums than others, but if you notice that your gums have started to look markedly brighter or redder than normal, this may be due to oral tissue infection.

Bleeding gums—as your gums become weaker, you may find that they bleed more easily, especially when you brush, or floss, or chew on something abrasive.

Periodontal pockets—untreated gum disease will cause your gum tissue to actually pull away from your teeth. The resultant gaps between your gums and enamel are called periodontal pockets; they are prone to collecting dental debris and bacteria, and thus intensifying infections.

Persistent bad breath—the oral bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease also release unpleasant odors. That is why gum disease sufferers are prone to developing hard-to-treat bad breath.

Shifting dental alignment—when periodontal disease has become severe, the very underlying foundation of your smile—gum tissues, connective tissues, and jawbone tissues—can start to deteriorate. Periodontal disease can make your bite feel different, and it can cause previously straight teeth to become poorly aligned.  

The key to treating gum disease is to clear away infected material and bacteria, and then create an oral environment in which your tissues can heal. The process of treating gum disease is always tailored to fit the patient; we may recommend that you use specific products to fight bacteria, or tools to clean your teeth every day. You may also benefit from restorative grafts and procedures to build your smile back up.

The best way to get started with periodontal treatment is to schedule a consultation with our Cheney dentists. Once we assess your smile, we can give you personalized treatment recommendations to help you regain oral health.