Spokane Dentist Summarizes Modern Orthodontics Treatments

Written by Dr. Collins on Sep 20, 2011

Many patients associate the term “orthodontics” with traditional, heavy metal brackets and wires. But today there are an array of choices from clear aligners to lingual braces to the modern version of “traditional braces”. Today I’ll give you a brief summary of the alternatives available.

Invisalign is a trade name for a system of clear plastic aligners created to correct orthodontic issues. Through the use of custom-fit aligners the Invisalign system gently repositions your teeth until the correct alignment has been reached. There are many advantages to the Invisalign systen, most notably their “invisible” appearance. Not all dentists are trained to use this system so be sure your dentist, like Spokane, Cheney Dentist, is a qualified Invisalign dentist.

Lingual Braces
Known by the trade name, “iBraces”, lingual braces are similar in construction to traditional braces but are affixed to the back of the teeth. Lingual braces also have the advantage of being unobtrusive visually, but they are not appropriate for everyone. They are generally used for adults, older teens and patients whose bite alignment accommodates the presence of lingual braces, i.e., their bite does not produce heavy forces on their orthodontic brackets.

Traditional Braces
For years orthodontic patients have demanded more cosmetically pleasing options for orthodontic treatment.  As a result of this demand, a number of trends have developed over the past few decades to answer this aesthetic challenge. Traditional braces now utilize ceramic orthodontic brackets that are either clear or white, making the patient’s braces far less obvious. Orthodontic brackets are also smaller in size than those traditionally used, creating a lower profile on the surface of the patient’s teeth and causing less discomfort for the soft tissue of the mouth.

There is no “one right treatment” for everyone. Each patient is unique, and a trained Orthodontic Professional is the only person who can tell you which treatment is most appropriate for your specific situation. Our Spokane Dentist Office will be happy to arrange a free consultation to discuss your needs and start you on your way to a beautifully aligned, healthy smile.