Learn How to Improve Your Brushing Routine With Help From Our Cheney Dentists

Written by Dr. Collins on Feb 21, 2017

Even the most diligent and thoughtful dental patients can benefit from tweaking their oral hygiene routines. Today our Cheney dentists are providing an overview of ways that you can optimize your daily brushing routine. Take a moment to read through this info, and consider whether your brushing routine can use an update!

Let’s start with the basics: you probably already know that you should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day—once in the morning and once before you go to bed. One of the most important things that you can do as a dental patient is to maintain this routine without skipping cleanings—this is critical for keeping plaque and tartar at bay.

When you’re cleaning your smile, try to brush your teeth for at least two minutes every time that you brush. Set a timer: you may be surprised at just how long two minutes is! You can also listen to a song that is about two minutes long to help you keep track of time.

You also want to make sure that you are not applying too much pressure as you brush. The ideal way to brush your teeth is by using gentle pressure for a sustained period of time (at least two minutes). Talk to your dentist about what type of bristle is right for your teeth—most people find that a soft-bristled brush is sufficient, and does not cause unnecessary enamel erosion.

Additionally, most of us are using our toothbrushes for too long before we replace them. Over time, toothbrushes start to accumulate and harbor bacteria. In general, you should be replacing your toothbrush every three months—and switch out your toothbrush after you recover from an illness.

If you want more information about how to care for your smile at home, our Cheney dentists are here to help. We look forward to speaking with you!