Get the Most Out of Your Daily Oral Hygiene Routine With Our Cheney Dentists

Written by Dr. Collins on May 1, 2018

You may already be cleaning your smile twice a day, but are you really doing enough to protect your oral health for the future?

Our Cheney dentists are here to help you answer this question. Keep reading to get some tips and suggestions on how to get the most out of your at-home oral hygiene routine. And, remember, you can always reach out to our team if you have additional questions!

So, you probably already know that you should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day. The best times to do this are in the morning, shortly after you wake up, and at night, right before you go to bed. The goal of brushing is to minimize the amount of plaque in your mouth, and because plaque is continually accumulating, it’s important to stay on top of it

When you do brush your teeth, you want to apply gentle pressure, and move your brush in small circular motions over your dental enamel. Many of us are actually brushing too vigorously; this can cause patients to develop thinned and weakened enamel, as well as damaged gum tissue.

Flossing is another key component to a healthy oral hygiene routine. Try to floss your smile at night, right before you brush your teeth. Flossing helps to dislodge those particularly stubborn bits of plaque and food particles.

If you want to add a mouth rinse into your routine, you can talk to your dentist about what type of formulation may be right for you. There are mouth rinses on the market that aim to strengthen teeth, whitening enamel, freshen breath, and combat dry mouth.

When you come in for a consultation with our Cheney dentists, we’ll assess the current state of your smile, and make recommendations based on your unique needs. Get started by calling our office to schedule a personal consultation!