Get The Facts On Tooth Replacement Treatments From Our Cheney Dentist

Written by Dr. Collins on Apr 10, 2021

Ready to take control of your smile and treat tooth loss for good? Our Cheney dental implant dentists are here to make that a reality!

There are a number of effective, and patient-friendly tooth replacement treatments available to you. Choosing the right option for you is all about prioritizing your treatment goals, and matching them up with a tooth replacement solution.

When we talk about restorative tooth replacement treatments, we are including: 

Dentures: these dental appliances are crafted to replace consecutive missing teeth. Traditional dentures are designed to sit on top of the patient’s gum tissue. They stay in place because the base of the denture is molded to conform the to the patient’s unique jaw and gum tissue; dentures can be further stabilized with dental adhesive.

Bridges: a bridge sits between healthy natural teeth, and is held in place with small brackets that connect it to the adjacent dental enamel. Bridges are versatile in that they can replace any number of teeth.

Individual dental implants: this state-of-the-art restorative treatment represents a jump forward in tooth replacement technology, because dental implants are actually embedded in the patient’s natural jawbone tissue. These replacement teeth stay in place permanently, and the implant root serves as a replacement for the (now missing) natural tooth root.

Implant-grounded prostheses: dental implant technology has been further adapted to serve larger dental prostheses, like dentures. Using just a few strategically-placed mini dental implant roots our team can permanently secure a full denture in just a couple of appointments. 

All of the restorations that we use to replace missing teeth are customized in shape, size, and color to look natural for the patient. When you schedule a consultation with our Cheney dental implant dentists, we will give you all of the information that you need to move forward with restorative treatment. There is no reason to continue living with an incomplete smile!