Cheney Orthodontics Office Discusses Modern Orthodontic Options

Written by Dr. Collins on Mar 6, 2012

We meet many patients at Spokane, Cheney Orthodontics Dentistry who are resistant to orthodontic treatment because of the belief that they are going to be stuck with traditional metal “railroad track” braces of long ago. But modern orthodontics provides a wide range of options to choose from. Today, let’s take a look at some of these options:

Invisible braces (Invisalign®): Invisalign® aligners, along with other similar products, are a revolutionary addition to modern orthodontic dentistry. The Invisalign system involves using a series of clear custom-made aligners. These aligners are virtually invisible and can be removed for eating and cleaning. An additional advantage with Invisalign is that every time you change to the next set of aligners you will see the progress as your teeth gradually shift into correct alignment.

Lingual Braces: Basically, lingual braces are traditional metal braces that have been affixed to the inner (lingual side) of your teeth. Lingual braces are virtually undetectable and allows you to undergo orthodontic treatment without experiencing the embarrassment and cosmetic impact of traditional metal braces.

Ceramic (Clear) Braces: are made of tooth-colored, or clear, ceramic orthodontic brackets. The brackets are still on the front side of your teeth, but they will be a better match for your natural tooth color, allowing them to blend in more easily. Ceramic braces still use a metal wire attaches to each bracket, but your orthodontic dentist may be able to choose a wire color that is less obvious.

Customized Metal Braces: If your situation does require traditional braces or you simply want to make a statement while your teeth are being straightened, there are numerous customization options for your traditional braces. You can choose from a gold-colored material instead of the old-fashioned “tin grin”. Other options include customized bracket shapes, colored bands and mini-brackets that are less obtrusive and easier to wear.

Your orthodontic dentist is most qualified to make the decision as to which type of approach best suits your situation. You should also be aware that most any orthodontic treatment will require post-treatment retainers. Contact Spokane, Cheney Orthodontic Office for a free consultation and to learn what options are available to you.