Cheney Invisalign Dentists Compares This Orthodontic Treatment To Other Cosmetic Options

Written by Dr. Collins on Jan 22, 2019

Your dental alignment affects your smile in a number of ways; obviously, dental alignment impacts dental aesthetics, but it can also influence the way your smile ages over time. If you are concerned about your dental alignment, there are a number of different treatment options that can help you optimize your smile. In this short article, our Cheney Invisalign dentists are going to be giving you additional information about how this orthodontic treatment, specifically, compares to other dental treatments.

To quickly review: Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment system that moves your natural teeth into better alignment over time. In order to move your teeth, you’ll wear clear plastic aligners over a series of months. Because these aligners are removable, it is easy to care for your teeth throughout the treatment process.

In comparison to traditional metal braces, Invisalign is more comfortable, discreet, and hygienic for the patients. Essentially, most patients can achieve similar results using Invisalign or conventional orthodontics, but Invisalign is the better-tolerated treatment protocol.

So far we’ve discussed only treatments that move your natural teeth. However, you can also alter the appearance and function of your smile by applying dental-grade materials over your existing teeth. For example, you can achieve a straighter looking smile by applying porcelain veneers to some or all of your teeth. Likewise, dental bonding, using composite resin, can be used to increase the appearance of alignment, close gaps between teeth, and correct dental damage. One huge advantage of these treatments is that they can both be completed very quickly. The entire dental bonding process takes just one appointment, and veneers generally take two to three dental appointments to complete.

When you meet with our Cheney cosmetic dentists, we’ll talk about your long-term dental goals, your treatment preferences, and what type of post-treatment maintenance is appropriate for your life. Give us a call to learn more!