Cheney Invisalign Dentist Answers Questions About This Popular Treatment Option

Written by Dr. Collins on Nov 14, 2017

If you have been considering orthodontic treatment to perfect your smile, then our Cheney Invisalign dentists have some information that may be help you! State-of-the-art Invisalign treatment can help you achieve your dream smile without dealing with the hassles of traditional orthodontics. Keep reading to get some answers to commonly asked questions regarding Invisalign!

Q: How does Invisalign move teeth?

A: If you have seen pictures of Invisalign users, then you may have noticed that this treatment does not have any brackets and wires. Invisalign moves your teeth into better alignment using clear plastic aligners. Over the course of treatment, you’ll wear a number of custom-crafted aligners, each one designed to build on the progress of the aligner that came before it.

Because these aligners are made of clear plastic resin, they are practically invisible once they’re in place. Your natural teeth will be able to shine through as you improve your dental alignment.

Q: Does Invisalign hurt?

A: Invisalign, in general, is quite comfortable and patient-friendly. Some users report a feeling of tightness and sensitivity directly after they switch to a new aligner—this is normal and temporary. Invisalign does not irritate oral tissues like metal brackets and wires do.

Q: How do I know if Invisalign is right for me?

The way to find out for sure whether Invisalign is right for your smile is to schedule a consultation with our Cheney Invisalign dentists. We’ll take a look at the current state of your smile, and talk to you about your ultimate dental goals. In general, Invisalign is appropriate for patients with healthy smiles who want to close gaps between teeth, straighten crooked teeth, improve bite alignment, and generally improve the balance and appearance of the smile.

If you think that Invisalign may be right for you, our Cheney Invisalign dentists are here to help you evaluate your treatment options. You can reach our team by giving our office a call, or by using the Contact Us page on our site to submit an inquiry.