Cheney Dentists Treat Cracked and Chipped Dental Enamel

Written by Dr. Collins on Sep 26, 2017

Many people seek treatment for cracked or chipped teeth due to aesthetic concerns, but the truth is that this type of dental damage can actually lead to a number of additional structural and health problems down the road. That is why our Cheney dentists always recommend prompt treatment for even minor dental damage; you really want to address these problems before they become more severe.

Today we’re talking about two treatments, in particular, that are often used for treating cracks and chips: dental bonding and porcelain veneers.

Dental bonding refers to the process by which our dentist applies dental resin to a patient’s tooth, and then cures the resin so that it hardens and bonds to the tooth. With bonding, we can fill in dental cracks, rebuild chipped away portions of the tooth, and even resurface unsightly enamel. The resin we use is always custom-shaded to suit the patient’s smile. Dental bonding is affordable, and the entire process can be completed in just one appointment.

Dental veneers, on the other hand, are individually-crafted, exceptionally thin porcelain restorations. A patient’s veneer is crafted to his or her specification, and then, once it is complete, our team bonds it to that patient’s existing tooth structure. A veneer covers the patient’s entire visible tooth once it is in place. The veneer’s application process generally takes two to three appointments to complete; first your tooth is prepped, then your veneers is crafted, and finally it’s bonded into place.

Our Cheney dentists are here to help you choose the perfect restorative treatment for your smile, specifically. We’ll consider your treatment timeline, budget, aesthetic goals, and existing dental health. Because both of these treatments are designed to fit into your normal life, and simple to care for, they are popular with all kinds of dental patients.

Don’t let dental damage persist untreated, give our dental team a call to schedule a personal consultation!