Cheney Dentists Help You Learn More About How Dental Implants Are Built

Written by Dr. Collins on Sep 5, 2017

Dental implant technology allows our dental team to treat tooth loss quickly and with natural looking and feeling results. Today, our Cheney dental implant dentists are here to give you some more information about how a dental implant is built. We hope that this information helps you understand your tooth replacement treatment options. Let’s get started!

So, to quickly review, a dental implant is a replacement tooth that replaces the missing tooth root as well as the dental crown. While dentures and bridges sit on top of the patient’s gum tissue, dental implants extend into the patient’s gum tissue as well as jawbone.

The foundation of the dental implant root is a titanium screw or post. Our dental team inserts the titanium root into the patient’s jawbone, so that it fills the space where the tooth root used to sit. This titanium foundation actually bonds to the patient’s natural jawbone tissue over time. This ensures a strong and stable fit for the patient’s replacement tooth.

The next step in creating a replacement tooth is for our dentist to attach an abutment to the titanium root. An abutment is a connector piece that attaches the titanium root to the restoration, which will sit above the gum line. An abutment is necessary so that the implant root and crown stay affixed, while still having enough “give” to allow for daily chewing etc.

The final component of a dental implant replacement tooth is the dental restoration. Every restoration is customized to fit the patient’s needs. Our team will make sure that your implant restoration is appropriately sized and shaped for your smile. We’ll also shade the crown to match your existing smile.

Every component of the dental implant replacement tooth serves an important purpose. When all of the parts of the dental implant work together, the patient ends up with a permanent replacement tooth that looks natural and functions optimally day to day.

If you want to learn more about your tooth replacement options, our Cheney dental implant dentists are here to help—give us a call!