Cheney Dentist Provides Mercury-Free Dental Options

Written by Dr. Collins on May 10, 2022

Our Cheney dentists are proud to offer state-of-the-art, mercury-free dental care to patients of all ages. Read through this short article to learn more about how mercury has been used in dental care, as well as the alternatives that are available to you…

Mercury In Dentistry  

Historically, mercury’s primary use in dentistry is as a component of amalgam fillings. Created from a mixture of silver, tin, copper, zinc, and mercury, amalgam fillings were and are used to repair and restore teeth after cavity removal.

Because mercury poisoning is such a serious health issue, many patients want to know if having amalgam fillings puts them at risk. The American Dental Association reports that research has not shown a clear connection between amalgam fillings and mercury poisoning. That being said, many people choose to avoid amalgam fillings, because…

  • Amalgam is heat-reactive: this means your filling will expand and contract due to temperature changes. These shifts are so subtle they’re pretty much imperceptible, but they can still strain surrounding tooth structure over time
  • Amalgam is unsightly: these fillings do not blend in with natural dental enamel, and they can make teeth look dark and gray
  • Old fillings increase your risk: there is a possibility that amalgam fillings will leach mercury vapor if they are damaged or falling apart


If you think you’d prefer to avoid mercury all together, there are a number of alternative materials you can use to restore your smile:

Ceramic: porcelain fillings look exceptionally natural once they are in place and surrounded by real enamel. 

Composite: this type of fillings is crafted from a mixture of plastic and resin. When composite hardens, it bonds to your existing tooth structure, and, because it is custom shaded, you know that it will match your tooth as a whole

Gold: gold is sturdy and durable; it stands up to the wears and tears of daily life. Keep in mind, however, that gold is the most expensive option on our list today.

Whether you are treating current dental damage, or you are interested in replacing old restorations and fillings, our Cheney dentists are here to help you. Please don’t hesitate to give our team a call to learn more and to schedule a personal consultation!