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    Tooth loss is damaging for a patient’s oral health demoralizing for the patient’s self-confidence. Whether you lose a tooth due to an accident of physical trauma or infection, it is crucial that you find a restorative treatment option that works for you as soon as possible.

    Our Cheney dentists are here to help you determine what kind of tooth replacement option is right for your situation. Today we are giving you more information about one type of treatment, in particular: the dental implant.

    Dental implant technology has truly been a game changer in the world of restorative dentistry. Thanks to dental implant technology, our dentists can now permanently embed a replacement tooth in the patient’s jawbone.

    The basic structure of a dental implant is as follows…

    · A titanium root is placed in the spot along the patient’s jawline where the natural tooth used to sit. This root is made of titanium, specifically, because titanium has the ability to osseointegrate—or bond—with natural bone.

    · This root is then topped with a small piece called an abutment. An abutment is a connector piece—it allows our team to connect a personalized restoration to the dental root, while allowing for enough give and flexibility to prevent the restoration from snapping off.

    · The final component of the dental implant replacement tooth is the customized dental restoration. This is the part of the implant that looks like a natural tooth, and every one is shaped, shaded, and sized to suit the individual patient’s needs. Once this restoration is in place, your replacement tooth will blend in seamlessly with your existing smile.

    As you can see, dental implants provide a natural looking and functioning replacement tooth—the beauty of the dental implant is that it is designed to mimic the structure of a natural, healthy tooth.

    To learn more about how dental implants work, please contact our Cheney dental implant dentists to get started!


    Few of us are born with perfect smiles; the good news is that modern dental technology can help you achieve an attractive and healthy smile without invasive, traumatic treatment. One patient-friendly treatment that our Cheney dentists employ is dental bonding. In this short article, we’re going to review how dental bonding works and why it is so popular among patients of many ages.

    During the dental bonding process our dentist applies dental resin to the patient’s natural tooth. This resin begins as a soft and malleable substance. However, after our dental team has shaped and molded the resin, we are able to cure it so that it hardens and bonds to the patient’s dental enamel.

    Composite dental resin, once bonded, looks exceptionally similar to natural dental enamel. Additionally, composite resin can be shaded to match the patient’s individual tooth shade: further ensuring an optimal aesthetic result.

    When prospective dental patients are evaluating their treatment options, they may decide on dental bonding for a number of reasons:

    · The bonding process can generally be completed in just one dental appointment.

    · Bonding is considerably less expensive than other aesthetic and restorative treatments like veneers or Invisalign.

    · With proper care, dental bonding can last for a decade before it needs to be repaired or replaced.

    · Dental bonding is used to achieve a number of aesthetic results from dental whitening to closing gaps between teeth to rebuilding cracked or chipped enamel.

    · This treatment option is non-invasive; the resin application process is convenient and comfortable for the patient.

    Dental bonding is a truly versatile tool in the world of cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Our Cheney dentists are happy to give you more information about how bonding works; you can even schedule a consultation with our team to figure out whether bonding can meet your dental needs. Give our office a call to get started, or reach out to our team through the Contact Us page on our website!


    If you look in the mirror, and you want to improve the appearance of your smile, you are certainly not alone. Dental patients of many ages come to our Cheney cosmetic dentists in search of effective cosmetic care.

    The good news is that we offer a number of aesthetic treatment options, so we can tailor treatment to suit your specific needs. Keep reading to learn more about helpful and effective aesthetic treatments!

    Dental Whitening: professional whitening treatments minimize existing dental stains by using non-invasive lightening gels. Many patients are able to lighten their smiles by several shades, and whitening treatment can be repeated over time in order to intensify results.

    Dental Bonding: bonding allows our team to improve patients’ smiles with customized dental resin. We shade, apply, and shape the resin, and then cure it so that it hardens and bonds to the natural tooth surface.

    Porcelain Veneers: these exceptionally thin restorations are customized for each individual patient. Once they applied to natural teeth, they can completely resurface the appearance of the patient’s smile. Porcelain veneers look natural and last for years.

    Laser Gum Tissue Reshaping: using our dental laser, our dental team can reduce overgrown and overhanging gum tissue. We can also shape uneven gum tissue so that the patient’s dental crown looks better proportioned and perfected.

    Traditional Orthodontics: orthodontic treatment can close gaps between teeth, straighten crooked smiles, and make a patient’s smile look wider and more balanced. Additionally, orthodontic treatment can optimize the function and structure of your smile; the utility of orthodontic treatment goes far beyond aesthetics.

    Invisalign: Invisalign allows you to perfect your dental alignment with discreet clear plastic aligners. Many people choose Invisalign because the aligners are clear, they are quite comfortable, and they are removable, so it is easy to care for your smile during treatment.

    If you want to learn more about aesthetic dentistry, and the specific treatments we offer, please feel free to call our Cheney cosmetic dentists—we’re here to help!